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Stephens Hall was once the administration building of Towson University.

stephens hall Towson University in Towson The Glen Residential Complex is made up of four towers that house undergraduate students during the academic year. The newly renovated Center For The Arts at Towson University is on Cross Campus Drive. The Dog & Cat Hotel, located just North of the Towson Circle, offers temporary boarding services for pets The Towson Diner offers up a wide variety of food anytime of the day or night in a friendly atmosphere. Glen Esk is the former house of TU President Lida Lee Tall and now serves as a counseling center. Stephens Hall of Towson University on a sunny day in June. The Melting Pot takes fondue to the extreme in a fun dining experience. Towson Commons is home to an AMC movie theatre. The Academic buildings of Towson University. A foot bridge from the heart of the campus leads to the Glen residential complex The University Union at Towson University. The Glen Dining Hall at Towson University. The Center For The Arts at Towson University is newly renovated and expanded. Bill Bateman's is a popular restaurant and bar occupying the ground floor of the 7800 York Rd bbuilding on Towson's campus. Additional york-road pictures

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